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Laura, an elementary school teacher, was murdered at home with her two children, aged 11 and 8: stalking the official

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Chilling crime: one Teacher 42-year-old primary school teacher, Laura MuberlyI was have found dead at home together with sons 11 and 8 years. Three feet hit his gun.

Little Leon, 14, as Archie: His mother found him dead. “He made his own big challenge.”

the crime

The triple murder of Laura, her children, eldest son Eric and youngest daughter Emily took place in Carolina Forest, a small town in Horry County, South Carolina (USA). The dead bodies were discovered two days ago and it was alleged that the crime had taken place a few hours earlier.


Immediately after the crime was discovered, an investigation was initiated by the Horie County Police. Suspicions will focus on Laura’s husband, William, with whom the woman was breaking up. This was reported by the local radio website WmbfNews. The first legal document of separation dates back to June 13, while the last dated to August 30. Investigators did not clarify the position of the man, who will not be available for the time being. In fact, investigations remain the utmost secrecy, even if the police assert that there is no danger to the safety of citizens.

community in mourning

Carolina Forest is a small town, and this triple crime, which took the lives of three innocent people, clearly disturbs everyone. We cannot deny the pain of our society. We ask you to be kind to all of you, as you never know who has been affected by this tragedy,” the police explained in a statement. She also deeply mourned the Horry County School, where Laura worked first as an assistant teacher and then as a full-time teacher. “We are silent about what happened, sending our thoughts and prayers to the Moberley family and their loved ones” – the school statement – “Our assistants and psychologists are available to anyone who needs them at this time. Tragic.”

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