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Latest news of Ukraine. Moscow: Kyiv drone strike in Russia’s Kursk region. Missiles over Zaporizhia

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Today, the governor of the Russian Kursk region, bordering Ukraine, announced that a drone attacked an airport, after yesterday Moscow accused Kyiv of targeting its two air bases with drones. The outskirts of the city of Zaporozhye were hit by Russian missiles overnight, according to Governor Starukh.

Zelensky: We shot down “most” of the Russian missiles
  • United Nations, more than 6,700 civilian casualties since the start of the war

    Since the beginning of the war Ukraine Civilian casualties were 6,702 and 10,479 wounded. These are the latest estimates from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) published by Ukrinform.

    Zelensky: We shot down “most” of the Russian missiles
  • Latvia withdraws its license from independent Russian television

    there Latvia Decided to revoke the license of independent Russian television Dozhd: this was announced by the sector regulator. The decision was made after a series of violations, including showing Ukraine-annexed Crimea as part of Russia. “TV Dozhd will stop broadcasting on December 8,” Ivars Apulins, Chairman of the National Electronic Media Council of Latvia, announced on Twitter.

    “Latvian laws must be respected by everyone,” he added. Television was forced to boycott programs in Russia after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine began due to the Kremlin’s harsh crackdown on independent media. Last June, the authorities in Latvia granted Dozhd a European broadcasting licence.

    Ukraine, the flag of Kyiv on the left bank of Kherson
  • The Kremlin, a conversation between Putin and Macron has not yet been determined

    No date has been set for a conversation between Russian President Vladimir put it in and French President Emmanuel Macron. So Yuri Ushakov, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation for International Affairs. Report RIA Novosti. According to Moscow, the French president “talks a lot about his desire to maintain contact and dialogue with Putin, but so far no concrete steps have been taken in this context.”

    Ukraine, Zelensky: “Do everything to survive”

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