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Lasix Beware of Wrong Meals: What Not to Do

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Lasix is ​​a drug belonging to the group of diuretics that should be taken in moderation. Be careful not to make this mistake during meals

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Article source: Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa)

In Italy there are many people, mostly elderly, who take lasix, Medicine prescribed in case of Edema Of cardiac genesis, inadequate control of edema, hypertension and refractory edema of corticosteroids. The drug came in a solution for infusion and in 500 mg tablets.

medicine contains furosemidewhich is a substance belonging to the group diuretics This helps produce more urine. In fact, by making the body produce more urine, the diseases caused by A . are relieved Excessive fluid accumulation In the body, that is, all edemas. Let’s see who should take the medicine and what mistake we should not make with meals.

Lasix and meals, this is the time to take your medicine

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Lasix is ​​prescribed to patients who have: Certain kidney diseases as poor urine output (severe impairment of glomerular filtration); acute renal failure (oliguria); Chronic renal failure, especially when there is also frequent The presence of fluid in the lungs; Nephrotic syndrome associated with severely restricted renal function.

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Like all medicines, Lasix also should not be taken if you are using it Allergy to the active ingredient, if you dryer Or if you have kidney failure. Still medication should not be taken if levels Potassium and sodium In the blood they are lower than normal. If you are in the first trimester of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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In any case, the doctor subjects the patient to a series of checkups Before prescribing Lasix. Your doctor may also order regular tests to check for them The amount of sugar in the blood and urineOr creatinine or uric acid in the blood, as well as to control the levels of certain salts.

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In any case, the doctor will always, after examination and analysis, a comment drug administration or Change the dose of Lasix that you should take. In case you are already taking Lasix, you must be careful to always take it away from meals.

Lasix rarely leads to one Low potassium levels In the blood but still it is important while taking it to follow a diet rich in this mineral by eating potatoes, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, spinach and dried fruits while taking the medication. Furthermore ittherapeutic action Lasix may be decreased if the drug is taken with the meals to be taken Always on an empty stomach.

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