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Lancia, a new crossover arrives: this is how it could be

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Lancia aims to return to the market and to do so could focus on a new crossover. Here’s the new Aurelia of the future.

Lancia is certainly one of the most prestigious Italian brands that has now fallen to the back of the automotive sectorWhich was made for fans of history pages in the past. How can we forget the victories in the 037 World Rally or the Delta Integrale, a car that has also become an icon in the street version.

Lancia (Adobe Stock)

Among the most memorable models, there are also Stratos from Alitalia and Pita Monte CarloOne of the crazy cars that made this brand great and proud Our country is on the tracks from all over the world. On the road car front, production has practically ceased in recent years, focusing almost exclusively on the Ypsilon, but now something may be changing.

Lancia, owned by Stellants, is aiming for a serious recovery, and today we’ll talk about the promised car to restart This plant is in the future. Its name must be Aurelia Crossover, and it goes in that direction where the whole market is going, Or similar cars to SUVs. until the Ferrarithe supercar manufacturer par excellence, had to adapt to Purosangue, and now it’s up to others, too.

Lancia, here’s the new Aurelia Crossover

The new Lancia Aurelia crossover will be the new brand of Turin, and the first rumors speak the truth which will be launched on the market starting in 2026. Even the name, as far as we know, is still tentative, and will likely be changed in the next few years before it is put on the market and into production.

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The base platform to be built will be STLA Medium of StilantsAnd for those who were asking the crucial question of which power source they would use, it must be emphasized that it would only be electric. Indeed, the Dutch multinational’s desire is to supply electricity to the ranges of manufacturers that are part of it by 2027, and the new Aurelia will be released on that date.

Among the good news is the first information It revolves around autonomy, which should ensure a good 600 kilometers of travel before recharging. It must also be said that when the model is released, there are 4 years left, so technology can go a long way between now and that period, hiding many pitfalls but also potentially positive surprises.

the new release We are talking about there can be many details in common with the new Opel manta, and both will be made in my file on the same platform. To arouse the interest of enthusiasts, there are the words of the CEO of Turin, ie Luca Napolitanowho spoke of a revolutionary car, never seen before on the market and which will mark a turning point for this brand.

The length will be about 4 meters and 60 cm, but at the moment there is no further information, if not related to a design that would obviously be very futuristic and able to attract a very diverse clientele. The price is also still unknown, but rest assured that important innovations will emerge from all fronts in the coming months. Click below to note future Aurelia lines. Preview of the photo that was posted on social media by Club Alfa. Tell us what you think of the future transit of the house of Turin.

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