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Kroombus, women’s football and ChatGPT: what the Dutch are looking for

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In the Netherlands, Google searches in 2023 focused on these key topics: parliamentary elections, artificial intelligence, and women’s football. second Google’s annual trends reportThese are the topics most requested by Dutch residents. The three most searched search terms on Google for 2023 are ChatGPT, Stemwijzer voting guide, and FIFA Women’s World Cup. The top five are the conflict between Israel and Gaza and the Giro555. Political parties BBB and NSC entered the top ten. The ranking also includes “Crompus“- The Dutch pastry that went viral on TikTok.

As for cinema, Google searches in the Netherlands were mainly directed towards international films. In the top five in the Film and Television category, there are only two Dutch-produced films: “Een jaar van je leven” in third place, and “Boer zoekt vrouw” in fifth place. Not so surprising The two films at the top of this category are Oppenheimer’s film and Barbie. Avatar is in fourth place.

In the Celebrities category, the most searched global figures were mostly related to people who died this year: Matthew Perry (1), Tina Turner (2), and Sinead O’Connor (4). Third place went to Andrew Tate, who made headlines after being accused of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group. In last place in the top five is Nigerian singer and songwriter Burna Boy. As for the most searched Dutch celebrities on Google, In first place is singer Rob De Negus. Most of the research was related to doubts about the date and causes of his death. Ironically, the artist is still alive. In the top five in this category are presenters Tom Eijbers and Tim den Besten, BBB leader Caroline van der Plas and actor Ricky de Valk.

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For the Sports category, the most searched athletes on Google in the Netherlands were Maarten van der Wegen, Edwin van der Sar, Bas Dost, Ken Block and Delano van ’t Hoff. Despite the Dutch interest in women’s football, there was not a single woman in the list of the top 10 most searched female athletes on Google.

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