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Kony, President of Malago visits blue hockey meeting

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Monday 7 March 2022 – 16:59

Kony, President of Malago visits blue hockey meeting

“The way is the right way,” says No. 1 in Italian sport

ROME, March 7 (Askanews) — Robert Justus’ reign at the helm of the Italian women’s hockey team began with a salute to resident Cooney and its president. At the invitation of President Sergio Minardi, stated in a note, for the first time President Giovanni Malaghi went to the meeting of the national hockey team: to meet with the Dutch coach and to welcome the athletes and staff.

Malaggi, along with Minardi, addressed some important words to Azzurre: “I know your reality perfectly. Italy’s qualification for the Olympic Games means making it a part of history and legend. I know it is a very complex challenge and a difficult goal, but the history of Italian sport is full of examples like these”, said the president Cooney, noting the three victories of the Italian brand that arrived yesterday in MotoGP, in winning the European Football Championship this summer by the Azzurri led by Roberto Mancini (“who trained here, at the CPO”) and in the Tokyo 2020 medals. “I know where we left off two years ago : In the play-off with Germany, which follows directly,” Malaje continued, “This means that the path is the right path, ambition is required and nothing should be left behind: the material, technical and mental aspect; the President emphasized that the support of the Institute of Medicine and Science is also important”, Citing the case of Marcel Jacobs, the Olympic champion in the 100-meter race in Tokyo, “he is a phenomenon and he won for that, but he also won.” Because he worked for two years with the Institute of Science, where they showed him how to move to get better pay dynamics and earn those base cents. We ignore nothing: nutrition, lifestyles, and confrontation with important adversaries.

Malaggi then concluded by saying that he “has great faith in this federation” and the crew and athletes saluted the cry of “Long live hockey, long live sports, long live Italy.”

FIH President Sergio Minardi, accompanied by Federal Chancellor Marco Bonacini and Secretary General Cinzia Provita, wanted to thank “President Malago for the confidence he has shown. I say to all my hockey friends, on behalf of the Council, that the path I have taken depends on strengthening scientific cooperation and on an important European dimension. We have intensified relations with Coni to take advantage of the best technical and scientific skills and to enrich the system by relying on significant European expertise.” In his first meeting as Italdon coach, Robert Justus called up 23 players who will remain in Rome until tomorrow, Tuesday 8 March.

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