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Kojima’s blue chest responds, but is immediately attacked –

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As we reported yesterday, kojima Finally he said clearly about himself Uninhabitedproject Blue Box Game Studio Which for a long time has been the focus of many fan speculations, she has denied any involvement in a blatant manner. Now, Blue Box is following up on Kojima’s comments, asking fans to stop harassing the creator and thanking him for putting an end to the rumors.

Blue Box Game Studio specifically mentions: “We want Thank you Hideo Kojima To openly confront conspiracies. It was a burden and wasn’t great for both fans and developers. We hope everyone can close this down permanently. We are working hard on an abandoned case and would like to thank you all for your patience! ”

In a second tweet it was then added: “Also asking fans Stop torturing Hideo Kojima With abandoned messages. This is unacceptable and not fun.”

Although the claims of Blue Box Game Studio are peaceful, there are those who believe that it is a problem that the team expresses itself in these terms. Lance MacDonald It highlights how Blue Box intentionally released fan theories for the ad, and thus is really responsible for the harassment Kojima received. According to MacDonald, Blue Box is only trying to blame fans by pretending to be a victim.

specially, McDonald writes: “The guy literally started and put forward a conspiracy theory that ended up annoying Kojima, and then when Kojima expressed his annoyance with him, he tried to redirect it to the fans. An absolute idiot.”

what do you think?

Moving on to more concrete information (more or less), here are the latest teasers from Hideo Kojima for his new game.

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