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Kobe Bryant: Los Angeles County will pay the widow $16 million

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A federal jury has ordered Los Angeles County to pay $31 million in damages for photos taken by sheriff officers and firefighters of the accident in which the basketball star died. copy print. The helicopter he was traveling in with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Maria and 6 others crashed and caught fire on January 26, 2020 in California in the town of Calabasas in Los Angeles County.

The county was ordered to pay $16 million a Vanessa BryantHero’s widow forebodeAnd $15 million for Chris Chester, whose wife and daughter died in the same accident. Vanessa Bryant and Chris Chester have spoken out about their persistent fear that the photos – including the alleged remains of their loved ones – will one day be revealed to the general public online, and their lawyers have requested compensation for the emotional suffering they have been exposed to. Experienced: 40 million for the first and 30 million for the second.

Families of other victims received $2.5 million in damages last year in the same case. Jurors from downtown Los Angeles reached their verdict after about four and a half hours of deliberation.

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