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Katerina Tikhonova, Putin’s daughter 20 times in Germany on an Italian visa –

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From Foreign editorial staff

This was revealed by an investigation conducted by the German newspaper Der Spiegel, in cooperation with the Russian investigative platform IStories. The case broke out in Germany

German newspaper investigation Der Spiegel In cooperation with the Russian investigative platform IStories says that Katerina Tikhonova35, scientist, director, former acrobatic dancer, H Vladimir Putin’s daughter, she has been to Germany for years, and has resided several times in Bavaria, in Munich or on nearby Lake Tegernsee. So far, nothing strange. What the newspaper indicates is that Tikhonova’s presence has gone unnoticed by German intelligence. The woman, since 2015, had passed through German territory at least 20 times and would also have used a Schengen visa issued by Italy. The reason for his travels was the German comrade – Igor Zelensky, an expert dancer who led until April 2022 the professional company Bayrische Staatsballet – He will be accompanied by an armed agent of the Russian presidential guard.

Sebastian Fiedler, parliamentarian and SPD member, commented:This case is an important example of the fact that in the past decades we have not developed any strategy to confront Russian customers and their activities.. We cannot continue like this.” In fact, as a rule, entries are registered in Germany and people and children of leaders of other countries are traced, only when an investigation need is discovered. It was “discovered” that Putin’s daughter traveled extensively in Europe in 2019: in April of that year, she was added to the EU blacklist.

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