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Juventus challenges Pomigliano, Roma faces Parma. Interest in Milan – Sampdoria – or A Sport

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After tonight’s lead between Como and Inter (won by the Rita Guarino girls 3-1), all other matches are valid for The fifth day of the Women’s First Division 2022-2023. It starts tomorrow at 12:30 with Fiorentina-Sassuolo and ends on Sunday at 14:30 with Roma-Parma.

In the first challenge on Saturday, it was FiorentinaAfter losing away to Roma, he will try to regain the three points against a team in full crisis, or Sassuolo. In fact, after earning an excellent fourth place last season, Nirverde started this tournament with great difficulty, winning just one point in the first four matches. A little later, at 14:30, the match between Milan and Sampdoria. It will certainly be an exciting match between two teams separated by only three points in the standings (Rossoneri at 6 points and Sampdoria at 9). Here can be adjudicated in disagreement with a loop.

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Moving on to Sunday, the first match will be the match between them Juventus and Pomigliano. The Bianconeri, returning from qualifying for the 2022-2023 Champions League group stage, will start out as the favourites, but they shouldn’t underestimate the commitment against the bells (the latter are currently eighth with one point in four matches). Finally, at 14:30 on Sunday, the match between Rome and Parma. As in the case of Juventus, the Giallorossi (second in the league with 9 points) will also play on the wings of enthusiasm after grabbing the pass for the group stage of the 2022-2023 Champions League. Here the dukedoms would need a corporation to leave the capital with points in their pockets.

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