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Filo Continuo: Christmas Lunch in the New Space

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The following day will be a festive birthday and resume for 18 people with disabilities who live in the Silvio Pozzerle community, on Via dei Sassi in Pescantina, at the premises of the Filo Continuo social cooperative run by Marco Sartori. The work of the new Aurora Room has finally been completed, a large and bright space suitable for the purpose for which it was designed: welcoming visiting family and friends as well as being an additional space for moments of relaxation and leisure for people living in the community. Sartori announced: “We hope to have the room, including the furniture, ready by December 23 and to be able to open it with the guests for Christmas lunch. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to anticipate different moments of celebration in which strangers will participate due to the actions dictated by the state of emergency. At the end of the works we will give an accurate description of the costs and contributions received and already thank everyone who contributed to this truly long-awaited work.” Several proposals are in the pipeline from Filo Continuo for the Christmas period. Sartori explains that “QualitAttivi” is a fundraising initiative Promoted for Christmas 2021. In our spare time, each of us tries to cultivate feelings and desires that make our lives happier and worth living, so with the QualitAttivi initiative we want to suggest to people with disabilities a whole gamut of activities such as pet therapy, kinesiotherapy, enhanced communication, Multisensory, psychomotor, basic stimulation, theater, to improve quality of life and, like all of us, find new stimuli Try to live a fully and enriching way of human relationships.The goal is to raise €58,000 which will enable the provision of more than 2,300 hours of activity over the course of 2022 to 120 people with disabilities who attend services run by Filo Continuo.” All information to donate can be found immediately at and on the Facebook page. Also on this occasion is very valuable the cooperation with Gsph, who will organize some kiosks in the area to collect donations, promoting the sale of Christmas-themed wooden objects and not only by some volunteers from the association itself. It is also scheduled to resume the traditional Christmas party to be held next Sunday at 4 pm, in the Basilica of San Lorenzo, promoted by the San Lorenzo Choir of the Diocese of Piscantina. The choirs of La Resela, the woods of Vigo di Valpantena and the choir of San Gaetano la Sega di Cavaion will also participate. Pescantina Alpine Group will offer chocolate and wine. “From tomorrow onwards, La Bottega on Caduti del Lavoro will offer products and items for Christmas gifts. This is also a way to support us,” concludes Sartori. •.

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