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June 2, 2022 Free Puzzle Game –

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Epic Games Store announced that the free game Available to users starting at June 2, 2022 It’s a mystery: No, not in the sense that it’s some kind of investigative adventure or thriller, it’s currently unknown, “mysterious game”continuing the new approach already seen in previous weeks.

In these minutes it is announced that the free game available as of today May 26, 2022 is the best Bioshock: The groupNothing is known regarding the upcoming week, but the quality of the game available today bodes well for a general revival in the level of titles offered by the Epic Games Store for free.

Previously, the company used to release the new free game on Thursdays and at the same time announce what will be released the following week, but apparently it did. habits changedmay also not affect sales of titles that were announced a week earlier as giveaways next, and thus are clearly unattractive to buy at full price.

The “Mystery Game” from the Epic Games Store

For this reason, we can probably expect that the new ‘mystery game’ setup for the following week will also continue for the next few months, as it has already been going on for a few weeks, except for more surprises Which the Epic Games Store hasn’t lacked.

Anyway, enjoy BioShock: The Collection right now and make your unmissable appointment with the Epic Games Store Thursday afternoon at 17:00.

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