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John Elkann is the highest paid CEO of Italian companies listed in 2021

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John Elkann is the highest-paid manager among Italian companies listed on the stock exchange in 2021. Between salary, bonuses and stock bonuses, he earned 35.2 million euros before taxes, more or less than the salaries of about 1,200 workers, if we take a reference to the average salaries of employees Italians, according to data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development or Eurostat.

The profits that the 46-year-old nephew of Gianni Agnelli received last year – as today’s edition of Fatou Quotidiano explains – are mainly due to stock options in Exor Nv, the Dutch treasury through which the descendants of the Turin families Agnelli and Nasi are the main shareholders of the Stellantis And they control Cnh, Ferrari and Juventus.

Elkann, President and CEO of Exor, exercised options that gave him the right to purchase 450,000 shares of the company based on the plan approved in 2012. Small details: the purchase price was locked at €16.59 per share, while the stock market value was locked at €79 At the end of 2021. The difference gave Elkann a capital gain of 28 million.

Added to this treasure is Elkann’s salary in Exor (1.75 million), as president of Stellantis (860,226 euros), bonuses in free shares for the previous FCA accrued last year (5.07 million), and icing on the cake, the wages of Ferrari president and managing partner Re 379,025 euros. In 2020, Elkann earned “only” 3.68 million, while in 2019 it reached 37.7 million, thanks to capital gains on Exor stock options (31.5 million), but it was not the highest profit for the year: at that time it was surpassed by Paolo Bertolozzo, President Nexi CEO, with 43.17 million. This is the article that colleagues on the football and finance team tackled.

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