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Joel David Moore’s idea

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Avatar 4 will be rebooted for production, according to a clue shared via Instagram by Joel David Moore.

Avatar 4 Filming was to resume: Evidence released Joel David Moore, Who has so far played Norm Spellman in the Pandora-set saga. Via Instagram, the actor shared new images from the New Zealand production that trace his journey in the franchise. Having also reprised his role in Avatar: Water WayJoel David Moore seems to be well involved in the later chapters as well. The third film has already finished filming, while production on the fourth film began even before the hiatus caused by the double strike of the screenwriters first and the actors after it in 2023.

Avatar 4 Filming Resumed: Joel David Moore’s Guide

While he didn’t go into much detail in his post, Joel David Moore is likely referring to the resumption of production on the fourth film. Filming, after the hiatus caused by the double whammy of 2023, was supposed to resume at the beginning of the year but everything was postponed. This time Joel David Moore suggests that production From the fourth film he restarted the engines. In the commentary accompanying the various shots from the set, the actor said:

Coming back to Wellington NZ is always a nostalgic experience. I’ve been here for 17 years, and built this franchise too, and I see so many familiar faces, friends and hard work, it’s like having a home away from home at this point. The family has grown, but the workflow and mission remain the same. I’m grateful for the Avatar family and can’t wait to see what’s next! (The last photo is a throwback to me, Mr Sam M Rod and our amazing Kiwi team from 17 years ago).

With a third film now in the works and a fourth in the works, fans are wondering about the future of Avatar. James Cameron has been clear about his intentions for some time. In fact, it has been announced so far that the franchise will be realized with certainty. Five movies In total. Regarding the fourth film, the possible plot that will be followed has not yet been revealed.

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