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Jim Ryan slams Activision after sexual harassment allegations –

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Jim Ryan, President Sony Interactive Entertainment, he has Publicly slam Activision Blizzard to the management of the company and due to the insufficient response thus far to the known allegations of harassment and discrimination, about which the publisher is currently under investigation and prosecution.

in a’Internal email Seen by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreyer, Ryan appears to have commented on a recent Wall Street Journal article about the internal situation at Activision Blizzard, claiming that he Sadness and frustration Lack of specific and realistic answers from the company to prove the change and correct the mistakes made.

To be precise, the PlayStation chief said he was “frustrated and frankly impressed reading the phrase ‘that Activision is actually’.”Don’t want to do enough To correct an entrenched culture of discrimination and abuse.”

We contacted Activision immediately after reading the published article to express our deep Worry and to ask how they intend to take action to respond and correct the reports.”

Jim Ryan, President of Sony PlayStation

“We do not believe that their statements in response to the allegations are effective in light of the situation,” he added.

The question comes in response to an update on the matter, which found that CEO Kotick had known about sexual harassment for years and after the board of directors sided with him, which also sparked a wave of protests from employees and shareholders.

Such a position on the part of the head of Sony PlayStation, with whom Activision has multi-million dollar partnership agreements, undoubtedly has some Weight, if only for a corporate image. So we look forward to any reflections and developments on this matter.

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