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James Cameron completes ILM and then specifies: Thanos is nowhere near as good as WETA Digital | Cinema

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Avatar: Waterway From James Cameron It is finally about to hit cinemas, and thanks to the interviews given by the director in recent days, various international newspapers are publishing some interesting statements by the director.

With the comic book, the director talked, for example, about special effects. The site’s reporter asked him a question related to the technological developments that Marvel Cinematic Universe films have achieved in recent years and whether these have prompted him to raise the qualitative level of what he wanted to achieve through Avatar: Waterway.

James Cameronreferring to the uproar caused by his recent criticisms of Cinecomics (Here are all the details), he joked “I just want to make it clear right away that I have no intention of criticizing Marvel and DC.” Then continue:

The big comic book movies clearly drove the sheer size of the industry, and the ever-increasing tech wave that rose. Providing you with higher quality artists, better tools and icons that you can employ. There are a lot of people who are talented in programming.

Then he adds:

Our team at WETA Digital hires people all the time and it comes straight from there, so to speak. Everything is getting better. However, the effects of WETA, as it is now called, are the best. Industrial Light & Magic does some great work, but when it comes to issues of emotion and facial expressions like we do… Thanos? Come on, let’s be serious! You’ve seen Avatar: Waterway, right? (Thanos, ed.) Nowhere near what WETA did!

Find all the news on Avatar: The Water way in our tab.

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source: Comic Book via Variety

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