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Ivan Castiglia announced his new project

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Insiders considered him one of the most promising young men on the Italian football arena. Ivan Castileborn in 1988, grew up in the youth sector in Regina Thanks to a plush jersey that debuted in 2006 in the Italian Serie A, then in a long journey among professionals, some promotions won but also a series of injuries that often affected his performance. The last years of his career were marked by his amateur football experiences, this season he started withFC Messina In the D series, then we move to Galic Katuna in excellence. But a few years ago, he started his own career Football Academy Ivan CastileCollection of adhesions and clearances. A young and constantly evolving project, with many initiatives being proposed by the company, the latter has been specifically designed and desired by Ivan Castile:

The growth of the Academy of Castile

“I started collaborating with my dear friend and colleague Emmanuel Bisoli in that PescaraTransferring my experience as a football player to the youngest and thus with the deepening of the individual style. Understood that I moved from Pescara to what I now consider my city, Reggio Calabria After receiving important responses immediately. Over time, the number of memberships increased, until she was convinced to create a real football school. We started with the Esordienti and Pulcini classes and followed a consistent and honestly unexpected response, from this season we have also included Primi Calci and Piccoli Amici. We participate in the ASC tournaments, and therefore a body for sports promotion, as well as the experiences that I allow young athletes to gain by joining the various national championships.”

And for the month of July a new adventure

“The organizational machine has already started. Summer camp will start in July”Heroes are at stake“For which we will give more details in a few days. The staff is very respectful, only qualified technicians have Uefa A, B and C license. In addition to myself Ivan CastileThere will be too Alberto Romano Formerly responsible for the training center Inter And the Leventina Academyone of the most important football schools in Italy at the amateur level. Evan Zokulan subordinate Junior Camp Milan And the head of the Academy Ander 12 Leventina. Angelo cars Goalkeeper coach, experienced in Gubbio, Vis Pesaro e Regina, Carmelo Verducci The first collaborator with the Ivan Castiglia Academy, Luca Princiota Athletic trainer H Michelangelo MarinoMental trainer. Then the historic warehouse worker from Regina memo tavilla. Participation for children born on 2008-09-10-11-12-13.” For information: 346.7696474.

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