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“It’s Touring the World, 400 Theaters in Mexico”

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Calchinaya (Pisa), April 25, 2023 – The Horror film to Francis Bacon The director chose his country to shoot some scenes. “For a year now – says Picone – the film has been touring the world. First in North America, since September we’ve been on some of the most important streaming platforms dubbed in Italian and then in Germany on DVD, in Great Britain and in streaming in Latin America and now we’re just out. 400 theaters in Mexico. In its first weekend, it placed eighth in the top ten. A truly unimaginable success for a homemade film produced by Giancarlo Fregia and I. We are proud that Dead Bride has found its way, even outside the real circles.” The title of the film is “Dead Bride”, literally Dead Bride. The story? A family, a home, and a curse affecting several generations. In between the characters and settings designed by Picone, already famous in the horror scene to the huge success of Anger of the Dead.

In Calcinia, the director also held a small festival small movieTo reward young film artists, within the competition there is also a section dedicated to horror, a genre that is always mistreated by the cultured festival circuit. The industrial area in the director’s hometown was used to shoot some of the outdoor scenes. A message of association with the region as well as there are no geographic references in the film. An item that facilitates recognition to a large and global audience. “What is the strength of the film? – he continues – its international taste is able to attract a wide audience. I believe that horror as a genre has its own niche of fans who will never stop asking for stories like this. A plot that meets the tastes of many people from many different countries, and a cast extensive international immediately targeting markets outside of Italy. There are other movies in the pipeline, still horror.

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“there Six themes – and it concludes – all thrillers. Now there will be an option to explore the next movie. series? Maybe it would be nice! Certainly a more demanding project in terms of time and costs, but we’re not ruling it out.”

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