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Italy sprints to the start, then Canada reacts and wins – OA Sport

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With the first game against the USA (played at 1:30) tonight being postponed, Italy’s first match against Canada will be in terms of the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. And it was a sensational debut, a 4-0 start before a wild reaction from the Canadians who won 4-10.

The blue start was one to remember: Anderson’s home run on the third throw to Vigna’s right, making it 1-0 immediately. Is it over? No, because Elisa Cecchetti hits a hit to left that gets her to first base, and from there Longy puts in a second home run that makes it 3-0. For a change, in the second inning Marrone, with two outs, singled to left and then found second base on a defensive error. At that point Simpson steps in as a pitcher for Anderson, But Blue makes it 4-0 with a single by Vigna that sends Marrone home.

Baseball, Harlem Week 2022: Italy holds its own, but then gives way to USA

Already in the bottom of the second inning, the Canadians begin to push through a single by Leung, who then hits an illegal pitch. Hayward does the rest with a 4-3 sacrifice run. 2 RBI in another single in the third in February, leading 4-6 with Harshman in the fourth. The sixth innings ends each question firmly with four points Seal the final 4-10.

In addition to tonight’s match against Team USA, Italy also have tomorrow’s match against China Taipei, the name of the game in Taiwan, who defeated Canada 9-4 yesterday.

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