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Italy, Mancini: ‘I will follow Insine in Canada as well. Chillini is missing. Scudetto? Milan is a favorite ‘

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Azzurri spoke exclusively to coach Sky Sport 24: “We will start again, but we will not regret the national team. Insigne has chosen to go to Canada, but we will follow him. Chiellini has been thinking about saying goodbye for a long time. Tonali? He can improve a lot more.” Then a comment on the championship fight: “The best championship, the winner deserves it”

Recharge the batteries before setting. The Technical Commissioner Roberto of the Italian national team Mancini Spoke Exclusively Sky Sport microphones At the Patel event organized in Pescara. “We need to find out Players It’s not that easy. We have guys who have been working for a while and they are young and will gradually enter, because anyway We will change some things – Started Mansini – We can not Suddenly everything was confused. However, there will be important matches from the match against Argentina from the start League of Nations. There will be time to work“Then comment on Giorgio’s farewell Chillini And the future of Lorenzo Logo In the national team: “Who knew him Not me I am surprised, I know he has been thinking about this decision for a while. Unfortunately when you get there it is not so easy and he seems quiet to me. He had one Extraordinary life And he is a smart and decent man. I had Good luck From It works. I know him well and if he had made this decision I think it would have been the right decision. As I have already said, the Time passes for everyoneOtherwise I would have kept it Wanted Still Also I think Juventus (laughs, version). Logo? Lorenzo holds Much was given to the Italian national team, Won a European Championship but not only that. They were Four extraordinary yearsWe were unbeaten in 37 matches. 15 consecutive wins: They are not normal. These are To be appreciated For all of them They did. Lorenzo has decided to go to Canada, let’s see what he will do and what he will not do. We will all follow We will continue to do so. “

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“Property should be quiet, Donnally still improving”

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Italy-Argentina, London 1 June 2022

In addition to Siellini and Insine, Roberto Mancini also spoke Property: “Ciro should be quiet, And perhaps less readable. This is part of it Our work. He should be as quiet as all the other guys on that matter. The European Championship It still exists and no one can snatch it from us. It’s a Big business“Then in Milan last season’s Santro Donalley:” He made his debut for the national team with us, and we’re talking about a player with quality and quality. Is getting better. I hope he can do it Still. He’s playing a great championship this year and I think he still has Margins of progress. That is important to us. We are in the middle Less problems (Laughs, ed.) “Finally a comment Young From வீசு: “No. We have many for internships. We need to get to know them better and understand what I mean by coming to National A. We have to try Get to know them As much as possible, directly to us. Nothing We will invite many People of different ages and we will evaluate them “.

In Scudetto racing in Serie A.

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There are 4 judgments left in Serie A. All combinations

Finally, Roberto Mancini Commented Serie A ChampionshipThe last day came to decide who would win Scudetto (In addition to the last team to be relegated to Serie B and the last European spot): “This is a Championship very beautiful, They fought many for a few days from the end. With the exception of Scudetto, several teams will be battling it out in the exit zone. “Then between Skudeto’s sprint Milan And Intermediate: “Not sure who will win. Definitely The Milan I get two out of three results, but because I think he’s a bit of an advantage Games should always be played. They are both one Great championship. WHO Will win and deserve it“.

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