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Italian Stock Exchange, commenting on today’s session (August 8, 2022)

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The Italian stock market halted the gains recorded at the beginning of the day. Securities in the banking sector are taking a downturn.

The main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets They score partial differences in the first session of the week. The Italian stock market halted the gains recorded at the beginning of the day. Moody’s will worsen the outlook for Italy’s sovereign debt rating, turning it from “stable” to “negative”. Experts justified the decision by recent developments in domestic politics, in the wake of the crisis of the government led by Mario Draghi and the decision to proceed with early elections. The Ministry of Economy and Finance considers Moody’s decision “dubious”.

at 10.25 FTSEMib It fell 0.08% to 22.568 points, while FTSE Italia all participated It was losing 0.09%. Fractional differences for FTSE Italia medium hat (-0.11%) for The star of FTSE Italia (+0.52%).

The BTP-Bund spread It’s back over 210 points, after the Italian 10-year bond yield is back over 3%.

The Bitcoin It has exceeded 23,500 dollars (more than 23,000 euros).

L ‘euro It stands under $1.02.

in partial regression Telecom Italia TIM (-0.5% to 0.2189). On Sunday, Corriere della Sera published an interview with the CEO of Telecom Italia TIM, Pietro Labriola, after publishing the half-year results. With reference to the single network, the director determined that integration with Open Fiber remains the best opportunity from an industry point of view. However, Labriola does not rule out an alternative plan, which is a “separate network with a financial partner”.

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The Securities for the banking sector They take the downhill road.

He exploited Paper Bank (-1.02% to 1.556 euros) after the rise recorded on the August 5, 2022 session.

. worse performance BancoBPM (from -2.18% to €2.598).

Oil sector stocks fluctuateAfter the price of crude oil in New York (the contract expires in September 2022) fell below $ 89 a barrel.

where are you It turns red (-0.37% to €11,414), while Tenaris It was confirmed in the positive territory (+1.63% to €12,795).

Euronext Growth Milan’s Freshmen Rise Continues swordsman. The stock was suspended due to a further rally after it recorded a theoretical advance of 28.2% and the last price of 4.29 euros. Siav shares are set at €3.

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