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Italian Stock Exchange, commenting on today’s session (August 2, 2022)

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Generali down after publishing half-year results. Saipem’s performance is also negative. Among the banks, the increases are BancoBPM and BPER Banca

The main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets ended the session fractional discounts.

The FTSEMib It suffered a decline of 0.35% to 22,351 points, after it fluctuated between a minimum of 22,156 points and a maximum of 22,402 points. The FTSE Italia all participated Closed at 0.41%. . worse performance FTSE Italia medium hat (-1.08%) To get The star of FTSE Italia (-1.68%). In the August 2, 2022 session, the turnover fell to 1.7 billion euros, compared to 1.73 billion on Monday.

The BTP-Bund spread It widened to 225 points after the Italian 10-year bond yield returned to more than 3%.

It’s 17.30 Bitcoin It was less than $23,000 (less than €22,500).

L ‘euro It fell to $1.02.

general It fell 1.91% to 14.6 eurosafter spreading Financial results for the first half of 2022. The data showed an improvement in operating result and total premiums, which beat analyst consensus. On the contrary, the net profit was affected by the devaluation of Russian investments. Generali’s management has confirmed the strategic and financial objectives for 2022 and the dividend policy for the three-year period 2022-2024.

Stilants It recorded an increase of 1.68% to €14,282. The Ministry of Transport announced the registration of 109,580 cars in Italy in July 2022, down 0.9% compared to 110,5 thousand cars in the same period last year. Sales of Stellantis also declined. As reported by major news agencies in July 2022, the group’s registrations amounted to about 38,400 units, down 3.6% compared to about 40,000 cars sold in July 2021. Thus, Stellantis’ market share attests to this. 35%.

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Ferrari It rose by 1.06% to 209.1 euros. The galloping horse has informed me Financial results for the first half of 2022, a period that ended with a sharp improvement in revenue and profitability, even if margins narrowed. Based on the results obtained in the last half of the year, Ferrari’s management has revised the financial estimates for 2022 up.

Saipem Sold 4% to €0.8102. The engineering firm announced that it has been awarded a new offshore engineering and construction contract in Italy worth approximately 300 million euros.

Some good performance among the shares The banking sector. heights BancoBPM (+2.55%) e Paper Bank (+ 1.65%).

FinecoBank Ended the day partially lower (-0.29% to €12,055). The company informed me Financial results for the first half of 2022The period closed with a net profit of 222.36 million euros, an increase of 2.6% compared to the 216.67 million euros recorded in the same period last year. On an adjusted basis, the bottom line would have grown by 20.5%.

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