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It will be a dream in 2023

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The Smartphone of 2023 – Passion for Technology

The most characteristic of the technological advances of recent years is undoubtedly the Internet.

The web has actually allowed the rise of social networks during the early 2000s, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. Besides, we witnessed the emergence of smartphones, at the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, which forever changed the lives and experience of millions and millions of users around the world.

We usually divide smartphones into three broad categories, starting first of all from high-end smartphones (it should be clear the so-called “top of the range”, led in recent years by Samsung Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14 Pro over the past few months) to those They are looking for good computing power and a good camera sensor.

Then it is followed by mid-range smartphones, for those who are particularly looking for good value for money, and are satisfied without problems. Finally, we come to low-cost smartphones, for those who are not looking for great computing power and prefer to save hundreds of euros.

Especially today, we decided to show you some of the main smartphone models that will see their launch in the global market during the year 2023: let’s get to know these models.

One of the most anticipated smartphones is without a doubt Google Pixel foldable model, which has been rumored for some time now. Based on what we know, it could have a similar body to what we saw previously with the competing model from Samsung, the predecessor of this form factor, or the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4.

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More models to come

Another highly anticipated model, always on the line of foldable devices, no doubt Huawei Mate X3After launching the Huawei Mate XS 2 last year. In this case, the design will be slightly improved, becoming thinner and more resistant compared to the immediately previous model.

Then we come to Oppo Find X6 Pro, which will also feature a revolutionary design, and will include, in particular, the new and promising Snapdragon 8 chip. The camera will have its own cover at the top, and it will be available, respectively, in four colors for all kinds of tastes.

Oppo Find – Passion for technology

Finally we conclude with OnePlus V Fold And Faces (respectively with horizontal closure and vertical closure) which will see the light in an indicative form by the end of 2023, even if the company has not released more information on the matter. So we just have to wait for more updates from Oppo, which we are sure won’t be long in the next few months.

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