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Israel and Hamas “have no plan to defend themselves from the October 7 attack.” The IDF is in the crosshairs

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The IDF had no plan to deal with a large-scale attack like the one launched by Hamas on October 7. The New York Times wrote it, citing Israeli officials and former officials. “There was no IDF defensive plan for a surprise attack,” explained Amir Avivi, former deputy head of the Gaza Division. Former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaakov Amidror added: “The army does not prepare for things that it believes are impossible.”

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For long hours, according to the American newspaper's reconstruction, the Israeli army was unable to understand the extent of the ongoing attack, and its response was slow and ineffective, sending teams too small and unprepared to confront a mass attack. In the absence of clear directions or orders, many units have resorted to using applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram to collect information on targets and people in need of assistance through temporary online groups. The Israeli government has promised an investigation into the army's slow response, but the situation revealed by The New York Times raises critical questions about the readiness and readiness of the defense forces in the face of unexpected threats.

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