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Isekai Quartet The Movie: Feature Film Trailer

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The trailer and the main image for the anime movie have been released Isekai Quartet Movie: Another World (Gekijoban Isekai Quartet: Another World). In this video, we learn about the movie’s plot, new characters along with cast members and additional staff, and an expected release date in-house for June 10.

The new characters in the film and the voices of the actors are from left to right:

Isekai Quartet: Other World Characters

Minami Tanaka as Pantagruel, a girl with a bandaged eye and reminiscent of Megumin;
Nana Mizuki as Vera Mithruhina, a female soldier dressed in the same uniform as Tanya;
Toshiyuki Morikawa Like Alec, the guy who seems to know Subaru.

The new employees announced are:

Technical Director: Yo Saito
Scenographer: Hironobu Shinohara
Audio manager: Jin Akitagawa
sound production: magic capsule
Music: Rokka Kawada
Music production: Kadokawa
distribution: Kadokawa animation
Presented by: Kadokawa

The rest of the actors and staff already in my seasonsouls. The script and direction are entrusted to Minoru Ashina (Kaiju girlsshort animation by Overlord Pure Blades). Minoru Takehara is the main character design and animation director, edited by Pu Yukai دراسة study (Kaiju girlsAnd the Lord Marksman and VanadisAnd the Pure Pleiades).

The twelfth and final episode of the series Isekai Quartet 2which was released in April 2020, revealed that the series will receive a sequel.

Anime is a cross between different franchises: reset zeroAnd the OverlordAnd the Konosuba And the The Epic of Tanya the Evil. at Isekai Quartet 2 We also find some characters from Shield Hero Rise.
The first season of the anime premiered in Japan in April 2019.

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