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Teramo – If the Council of State imposes sanctions on the end of Teramo Calcio Srl, it will be necessary to start over in some way. How?

It would be a lot of corollary: Enzo montaneAlfredo birthdaymaximum Spinozi (If it was done at the right time – Editor -) Filippo by Polidoro They will give a high-quality physiology to the institutional structure of the future and to the plan of restart, one that should have no fear if it is from a company in the region, but also mentally prepared to defeat potential competition other interested in the future fate of Teramo football (will be – editor -)

We repeat, the beautiful 109-year-old’s red-and-white story isn’t going to end that way, and most likely won’t end with the 2021-22 sports season.

We’re not among those who prefer the local over the others: programs are of more importance, even if it’s clear that a group of Teramo entrepreneurs can get a higher approval rating than others. Imagine a new company headed by Teramo, for example, with a board of directors made up of at least three partners for an initial program that doesn’t necessarily include winning the championship on the first try, it would still be a good thing.

If it is true that everyone loves to win, and so does just listening to it, then it must be added that the continuity guaranteed over time and respect for a serious football project, looking beyond tomorrow, and aiming on the contrary to gradual development, and even. More than two or three seasons, before seeking professionalism again. Meanwhile, the new imagined and futuristic company will know how to better organize itself and grow according to the founding idea: “Teramo from Teramo!“.

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It should never be private, it should never ban pictures and interviews on the occasion of a pre-season meeting, never put any local information operator in case they feel like a guest in their house, and should never remain silent. After months and months of a press preview, no matter how true, he will never have to organize press conferences to mislead the truth about the name of the new coach, and he will never have to be the company of the Sheikh Sr. But quite the oppositeOpenness to the region, not with words, and to the reality of sports and football in other cities and governorates. She must also be humble and willing to know how to ask for “help” when necessary.

It is not fantasy football. It is possible.

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