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Introduced the new Cortenova team for the 2022/2023 season

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5 new faces on the team, the coaching staff confirmed

Investing in professional figures in the youth sector, to adequately train the players in light of the future integration into the first team

Cortenova – Presenter Tuesday 26 July flowerASD CSC Cortinova Who will participate in the first category championship in 2022/2023 season. There was no shortage of news, including the inclusion of players from other teams, and the promotion of three members of Junior’s yellow and blue team.

Football Cortinova
The three new young men, interventions from the junior category

So they become part of the group Leonardo Ripamonti (2002) Wing
Coming from Zanetti, e Jashy Jeon (1999) A central striker in uniform
The last two years Galbiate Colors 1974. Youngsters arrive in the first team Alex Fazini (2001), Alessandro Tenderini (2002) and You are winter Matthias (2004).

The technical staff, led by the coach, confirmed Antonio SilvaDeputy Giambattista
Tantardini, goalkeeper coach Pepe Piras. Everyone will report to the Sports Director
innocent magni And to the head of the football sector of the Cortenova Football Club Silvio Galberti
Who will be assisted this year by Walter Macherry.

Football Cortinova

But the most important investment Cortenova decided to make section
youths Which will benefit from the cooperation of professionals such as Fabio Corte (Chief goalkeeper coach), Niccolo Konka (Football School Principal) H David Fentini (Coordinator of all coaches for both competitive and core activities).

Football Cortinova

An effort that demonstrates the company’s desire to increase the level of quality
Players to train them appropriately for the purpose of integrating them in the future in the first place
Team. During the presentation, which was preceded by a greeting from the President of the Republic Ricardo
BenedettiSilva, Galberti, Tantardini and Magni explained what the goals are
By connecting the schedule for the resumption of training, the first friendly matches and the Lombardy Cup.

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got a role Team captain Marco SerissaDirectly from coach Antonio Silva. A renewal of the agreement with main sponsor Banca della Valsassina has also been reported.

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