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Interview with Penny Brook of Canada Goose

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It’s hard to quantify the success of Canada Goose, a brand of winter jackets and coats that has been racking up wins in the name of the environment for years. All without abandoning a tradition that has existed for many years since Sam Dick’s founding in Canada in 1957. Over the years, innovations have followed one another and the brand has achieved international success. Last but not least, the campaign by Annie Leibovitz against the backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. He says it Harper’s Bazaar Penny Brooke, Head of Marketing and Experience.

Annie Leibovitz, the artist behind the new campaign Live outdoors, one of the best fashion photographers. What message did you want to convey together?

The campaign celebrates women and inspires them to live with courage and boldness: this is a very important message for us, and I think it is perfectly captured by the name of the campaign, which is also the promise of the brand. This is not another catchy slogan, it is philosophically very deep. It is a mindset, a way of being and a call to embrace our true selves and seek the greatness within.

We called Annie Leibovitz because she was the epitome of “something pioneering.” She changed the world of photography and paved the way for women. His perspective was essential: from choosing the protagonists to identifying the location – the Scottish Highlands – we worked together to create a powerful and meaningful story. Annie Leibovitz is unique in the creation of pathos, the expression of light and the story she manages to unravel about her subjects.

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What are the key rules for creating a successful campaign?

We are a storytelling brand, so above all else campaigns need to have a compelling narrative and an authentic message. The first step is always to celebrate the relationships we make within our communities – they are real people, with real stories, who share our brand values. Location is the second fundamental factor. Always ensure that the stories being told are shot against inspiring backdrops, thus acting as a link between the world’s most beautiful places and consumers. By doing this, we never forget the importance of celebrating local realities, that’s the idea Base camp, our Canada Goose insider community that offers invitations to unique experiences. The goal? For consumers to explore their world and embrace our Live in the Open philosophy. All processed with typical Canadian heat.

Courtesy of Canada Goose

What are the keywords to describe the new Canada Goose Fall Winter 2022 collection?

This new collection combines the three fundamental pillars of the Canada Goose brand: reliability, performance and style. From storytelling to our campaigns to collections, we always strive to stay true to the brand’s DNA and philosophy. One word to describe the Autumn Winter 2022 collection? Credibility. We try to prove to consumers that there is no need to compromise between elegance and performance, which is the ultimate goal. Crafted in Ventera, a luxurious water-repellent fabric, the garments feature clean lines, flattering silhouettes and a highly-refined color palette.

A commitment to sustainability and focus on local communities is the soul of Canada Goose. What initiatives does the brand want to implement in this sector?

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Sustainability and corporate citizenship have been ingrained in our business for decades, to name a few: our lifetime product warranty, commitment to being made in Canada, and fifteen years of partnership. Polar Bears International. But that’s not all, Canada Goose stands out for its HUMANATURE platform, which integrates sustainable initiatives and brand values: keeping the planet cool and people warm. I want to underline that you are not just marketing through this site, you are making a difference. That’s why the Sustainable Impact Strategy, the 2021 ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) Report, describes the commitments you’ve made, met and will achieve – including a commitment to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2025 – and the activities that form the heart of Canada Goose in all of it.

Three women in a Canada Goose winter ad

Courtesy of Canada Goose

How important is finding balance between life and work today? How do you manage creativity, engagement and freedom as a chief marketing officer?

When it comes to creativity, my biggest source of inspiration is the outdoors – from mountain climbing in Switzerland, where I live, to sleeping in the snow in the Arctic on a trip with Canada Goose – nothing inspires me when I truly enjoy the outdoors. It also gives me an all-encompassing sense of freedom. I believe that inspiration can come from the people around you and I am proud to work with so many inspiring and dedicated people. Last but not least: I strongly believe in the importance of taking time to disconnect from our screens and reconnect with the natural world. With Canada Goose, we’ve designed Humanity Pass to encourage our employees to get outside for an hour a week to embrace our philosophy – that time outdoors has been scientifically proven to have positive effects on our mental health, including lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. Stages and progression of our mood-.

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While some people focus on hiking or trekking nearby, I have a real interest in exploring. My dream? By purchasing a VW campervan, you have the freedom to pick a spot on inspiration, camp in unexpected places and enjoy pollution-free skies. This is my idea of ​​luxury.

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