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Interstellar: Nolan’s blockbuster was released 9 years ago (or 1 hour and 17 minutes ago on Miller’s planet)

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The time shift on Miller’s planet in Interstellar is a result of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Let’s try to explain this as clearly and simply as possible

One of the defining moments of Interstellar is that the heroes arrive on a planet completely covered in water, Miller’s planet. It was named after an astronaut Laura MillerHe and other astronauts were sent through the wormhole, years ago, to search for another habitable planet. So, our heroes go to her planet to retrieve her, since she was one of the few (three, along with Edmunds and Mann) who were still transmitting the infection (and thus could have been alive). So far so good. Oh, Cooper, Doyle and Brand go to Miller, while Romilly stays on, this is a detail that should not be forgotten.

Time shift in Interstellar

In the film there is extremes Time dilation Because the planet orbits very close to the black hole Gargantua. Time is flowing Much slower On this planet due to the enormous mass of the black hole. Going back to Einstein, this is a result of his second revolutionary discovery, General theory of relativity. Einstein proved that there is a natural relationship between mass, gravity, space, and time: mass generates curvature in space-time, and gravity is a result From this bend.

Time passes more slowly

Therefore, not only does mass affect space, but time also moves more slowly as the force of gravity increases. So the time dilation near black holes, which are incredibly dense and have enormous gravitational forces, would be significant. That’s why every hour you spend on Miller is equivalent to seven years on Earth. Interstellar reveals that Cooper and his team spent twenty-three years, four months and eight days Earth time on Miller’s planet, indicating that they were only there for three hours and seventeen minutes.

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Earth time in interstellar

According to Earth time, Laura Miller arrived on the water planet years before Cooper and the others did. However, due to the effect of time dilation, he died just minutes before Cooper and his crew arrived on the planet. This makes Miller’s death even more tragic. In conclusion, the passage of time is not constant and depends entirely on the reference system of the observer.

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