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International Forum: Arctic and Space. Russia and the paths of the new millennium between history and scientific innovation

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(ASI) The Forum, organized by Cirseu, the International Center for Research and Eurasian Studies, of the University of Perugia, takes place over two days of activity and aims to open a space for active debate where historians, managers and cultural scholars can come together to discuss what currently appears to be the greatest challenge of the future, i.e. Discovering where the great powers can strike deals, confront each other diplomatically or establish new international balances will all be determined.

The idea is also to put a table around those who study phenomena related to geopolitics and those who in practice are in contact with the mechanisms that regulate innovation flows and have the leverage to activate partnerships, organize group research and use and enhance resources in a business or industry context. The academic side has only an interest in combining knowledge and experience, in conducting the dialogue of the theoretical model with the practical side, and encouraging the ever-perfect cooperation between rigorous humanistic and scientific-technological knowledge. The combination of these factors could lead to an ambitious innovation program that can identify even closer interconnections between worlds that touch each other without occasionally touching each other.

The event will open with the opening of a photographic exhibition on cosmonauts from the State Museum of Cosmonaut History “KE Čiolkovskij” in Kaluga, which will be followed by a round table in which the Russian Embassy in Italy and the Air Force crew will participate. Italian Military Participation (General Office of Space), Thales Alenia Space, Business Development Service, Human Space Services, Russian Center for Science and Culture in Rome and the International Center for Research and Eurasian Studies (SIRSO). At the end of the round table there will be a presentation of the first volume of the “Incunabula Cosmica” series of spatial studies, supervised by Dr. Massimo de Caro, Konstantin E. Sheolkovskij, Exploration of cosmic spaces with jet machines (1903), Imago Mundi editions, 2021.

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The intent of the event, as has already been widely explained, is to create a national bloc that conducts dialogues at the international level, especially with the Russian world rooted in the aviation sector of many Italian industrial companies.

The Forum will continue at 10 AM the following day, December 14, 2021, in the Lepa Room of the Political Science Department where a symposium entitled The new frontier of international relations, the Arctic and the space between the old and new perspectives: The meeting will be attended in addition to many Cirseu advocates and scholars from other Italian and foreign universities.

Events can be followed in person (limited places and with green lane and reservation at 349/3513309 by 11 December 2021) and online by contacting the website and accessing the event icon posted on the home page. For more information write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to view it.

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