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Dungeons & Dragons: Thieves’ Honor, here’s a teaser trailer also in Italian and details from Comic-Con! | Cinema

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As announced, directors and actors Dungeons & Dragons: Thieves’ Honor They opened the panels in Room H at San Diego Comic-Con, where the first official images of the expected film set to be released around the world in March 2023 were shown.

You can enjoy the Italian trailer above, while you can find it below in the original language:

John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein, along with producer Jeremy Lacham, spoke about their passion for the game before introducing the heroes to the conference stage:

It’s not just a game, it’s the feeling you get when you play it, and that’s what we do in our movie, it’s what we wanted to capture and go back to.

The filmmakers have a very close relationship with D&D, most notably Daly, who explained that when he starred in Freaks and Geeks, aged 14, he spent his time playing the rest of the cast.

Before taking the actors to the theater, the directors showed behind the scenes of the film, as the plot of the film begins to unfold: a group of battered heroes must unite against the villain … played by Hugh Grant. To take care of the visual effects there Artificial light and magic And the Heritage Effectstwo of the leading companies in the industry.

Here is the entrance to the cast: Chris Pine (without shoes!) Michelle RodriguezAnd the Reggie Jean PaigeAnd the Sophia Lillis And the Hugh Grant:

Chris Pine revealed that he accepted the part inspired by his nephew’s passion Dungeons & Dragons:

The audience in Hall H had the opportunity to see a first syllable (still in progress) Heroes attempt to bring corpses back to life to steal information from them and find a magical helmet. The scene, according to what the attendees write, is especially funny. Commenting on the scene, Hugh Grant He explained that he usually hates all scripts, but this script was “full of Monty Python sentiment”, with “a very exciting role for me. Great costumes. Excellent crew.”

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Grant’s character lies in the heart of second clip, where he introduces three groups of adventurers to a huge arena, roughly the Colosseum. Inside, a labyrinth appears, then a jaguar-like creature with snakes coming out of its mouth attacks the founders, who begin to flee into the labyrinth inhabited by this type of creature.

Speaking of creatures, the directors confirmed that in the film there will be monsters of all kinds, but in particular various dragons, which the team worked closely with the filmmakers. Dungeons & Dragons, who acted as advisors to ensure maximum fidelity with the game’s legends. The hardest decisions were precisely which ones to include and which ones not: “There will be many different villains, different creatures…and different movies, if we’re lucky!” In addition, there will be at least one “veil” from the “creative D&D player” (whether it is only Joe Manganiello?)

However, one thing is for sure: judging by the second trailer shown, the 80s cartoon characters will appear in a live version, to the delight of all the nostalgia…

At the top of the article you can see the first trailer, while below you will find the new official teaser:

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