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Inline hockey: Vipers KO with Ivy. Well, the Asians in League One C.

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tough time for Asiago snakes Who, struggling with a large number of unavailable players, suffers a heavy defeat in the match against himIvy Triest It was played on Saturday at Via Cinque in Asiago.
Delayed, for the third time , recovery from the match against Ferrara which was scheduled to be held tonight due to”The number of athletes subject to restrictive measures by the Health Authority has increased“In the Snakes team. The date of the match has been made mandatory Tuesday 1 February, the last win before the start of the main round and the playoff round.

Delayed Also the race between Vibrate DelUnder 16 years old Which Montorio Bodog, scheduled last Sunday in Asiago, due to some Veronese players being forced into credit isolation.

Excellent results for teams playing in Series C: Asiago newt They conquered victory in a difficult field Gorizia when i black out transcend me demons Vicenza On the right track.


A complex game to play with a team that was reorganized in a few hours by coach Luca Rigoni, but which allowed the young recruits to try to live the Serie A experience: Alessandro RossettoAnd Mattia e Thomas Ferrari And goalkeeper under 16 Niccolo Barini.
Match starts with Thomas Berthod, to develop an engagement that deceives everyone. Snakes dominate play and possession, but attempts to reach them collide with the Slovenian goalkeeper and on the post, hit by Fabio Lefor. Reaching the twelfth place without risk, then saves Gianluca Stella from Zuzulli, but loses the stick and his comrades are lost in continuing Sindici carrying the bags. From here the problems begin and before the interval, an unfortunate change in the lines paves the way for Delpiano to get past them. In the second half comes equal to Fabio Lefor Whoever retrieves a disc on the left and realizes this by inserting Fink between the pantyhose. Not even time to enjoy the newfound parity that yet another omission costs the new ederine feature with Sodrznik. And that it’s not really an evening to be seen from running the two indecisive back-to-back games, where everyone is looking for a nice pass but no shot at all. Stella keeps her comrades afloat in S√∂derznik; Alessandro Rossetto has the equalizer, but he does not frame the goal. The last chances, outnumbered, were put down by Levor’s counterattack, and were nullified by Fink who also turned down Captain Nicola Munary’s next attempt. It’s not really an evening: right after another series of fouls and S√∂derznik closes it with the three men drinking the death penalty and Stella. Finally, a desperate attack in 5v3, zero ideas, the missing disc and Sindici slips through the unguarded goal making him in the final 5-2.

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These are points that we should not miss – I confess Thomas Berthod at the end of the match – We can’t afford to be so wrongAlso in the upcoming season’s challenges. Honoring their goalkeeper, whose numerous saves certainly motivated him, has saved his team on all recent occasions. We knew it was difficult because of the many absences in the team – Follow the snake player – Hopefully some of the injured will be cured.

Sixteenth day results

Vicenza Devils 7 – HC Milan 6 (dtr)
Citadel Hockey 14 – Libes Piacenza 1
Ferrara Warriors 3 – Justice Padova 2 (unavailable)
Cus Verona 4 – Monleale Sportleale 3 (dtr)
Asiago Fibers 2 – Ivy Trieste 5

Updated Italian league standings

Hockey included in round 16 of the Italian Serie A

See the match against Trieste

Series C

I newt He returns three very important points in the first leg against Gorizia Win 6 to 3 thanks to a hat-trick Matteo Aguirdi, to the captain’s pillar Francesco Rigoni and to the network Stefano Bessi. “For the first time in our history we managed to break into the building via Italico BrassSalamanders announced at the end of the match that they had played with a few athletes due to the period we are experiencing:To be fair, we have to say that the hosts were in the “.zip” version, with some of the best stuff in the pits. But it is equally true that coach Bessie did not have to struggle to cross the ranks, as there were only 6 players on the roster.“.

Inline hockey game Asiago Newts Viama Gorizia

I black out They beat the team by 4 to 3 goals Devils Vicenza After a difficult match and decided it Andrea Stuna At the end of the game. In the first half, they scored Marco Stella, double sign, and Filippo Sartori Only one second of the period. “suffer victory“Asians comment,”The first half is good from our boys, and less in the second half as they give a lot to the opponent“.

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Inline hockey game Asiago Black Out Diavoli Vicenza

Group B results

Gorizia Torch 3 – Asiago Newts 6
Asiago Blackout 4- Vicenza Devils.3

Italian Inline Hockey League Standings Round 4
Ranking after the fourth day

Credit: Photo Vanessa Zinobini, Asiago Newts, Asiago Blackout

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