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Inline Hockey: The Vipers juniors performed well, Serie A was poor, and the Newts were defeated by Montebelluna again.

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Italian Serie A Asiago Fibers He loses the second leg against Ghosts Padova in overtime, while under 14 And the 18 outperforms its competitors.

at Series C The Asiago newt He loses his second match in less than a week against Montebelluna.

tomorrowTuesday 22nd, All in Via Cinque for a matchUnder 16 years old subordinate snakes against the Fort.


A bad evening, on Saturday, for the sons of coach Luca Rigoni, who managed to overcome the defect and reach +1 at Padawan, arriving in Asiago with only 7 players on the go, suffering a draw at 6 seconds from the end and the next golden goal in overtime.

The hosts waste their first power in the game, and at the first conclusion of the Ghosts game, they immediately find themselves forced to hunt down their opponents. Snakes managed to put a patch on it by exploiting it Ricardo Scivo In numerical superiority, but shortly afterwards Fabio Levor misjudged the overtaking and Padoan’s team took advantage of it to move forward by scoring the second goal. Just under three minutes into the break, Matteo Rossetto ended up in the penalty bench on a flight, and Padova took advantage of the power performance to score the goal of the moment from 1 to 3. Young character Elijah Heat who also receives an additional 10-minute penalty, according to regulations.

The second period starts with powerplay in favor of the home team, and you get there first network In orange and black not for Alessandro Rossi He brings his people back to the game. In the following minutes there are different penalties for the two teams, especially against Asiago, but in the case of three for three Simon Basso Find the hole to insert the equalizer. But the game is decided entirely, or nearly, in the last two minutes of normal time: Calor, of Padua, is finally sent off after a fourth personal foul with the Snakes scoring a 4-3 goal in a 27-second outrun with the siren with Matthew Rossettobut at 11 o’clock “Andrea Spiller gets a penalty and the ghosts replay the match with a draw only 6” from the end.

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In overtime, the Snakes spin the disc and attempt to win at least two points of victory in overtime, but the puck’s loss in attack gives a single counterattack to Padova, who puts Daniele Faccinetti in a tricky difficulty and outplays him on a backhand. Golden goal score.

The results of the playoffs and the masters

Master’s Tour
Ferrara Warriors 1 – Vicenza Devils 2 (TR)
Asiago Fibers 4 – Ghosts of Padua 5 (extra time)
Rest: HC Milan

Monleale Sportleale 3 – Cus Verona 5
Citadel Hockey 8 – Libes Piacenza 1
Rest: Ivy Triest

Updated Categories

Inline Hockey Ranking Day 6 Main Playoff

Watch the match against Padova

Under 18 Elite

Asiago Snakes Under 18 Elite Viareggio Francesco Grigiante

Excellent youth performance snakes from the elite under-18 category, who won the first match of the second stage of the Italian championship against Viareggio team with a score of 3 to 1 thanks to Luca BisaventoAnd the Mattia Ferrari And the Pirpaolo Rigoniin addition to the good work done by the goalkeepers who lined up during the match: Thomas Bow And the Niccolo Barini.

U18 inline hockey standings Stage 2 Round 1
Official standings, where regular season “bonus” points have not yet been calculated*

* Bonus points: HC Milano 10 points, Ghosts Padova 9, Real Torino 9, Libertas Forlì 7, Asiago Vipers 5, CV Skating 5, Diavoli Vicenza 4, Ferrara Hockey 1, SPV Viareggio 1.

Under 16 years old

Asiago Snakes Under 16 Marco Cortez Castle

we’ll play tomorrow The challenge is valid for the tenth day of the tournament Under 16 years old With Asiago Fibers Busy on the main track in 6:45 pm against the Fort.
Vipers will try at all costs to return the three points that would allow contact with Montorio, the current leader but with two games more to play than plateau.

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Inline Hockey U16 Ranking Round 10
league table

under 14

Asiago Vipers Under 14 Victory Ivy Trieste

a game without date: With a score of 44 to 0 pounds Vibrate From a team under 14 who literally shoot opponentsIvy TriestArrived to conclude about Eduardo Barini Only 3 times in the entire match against Asiago’s 67 shots.
network Leo LazarĂ© Even with 11 goals, 7 in favor Gabriel Oro6 each Andrea RigoniAnd the Jeremy Rampazo And the Ricardo GloderIt’s poker, Marco Cortez And the Thomas Banuzzo.

Inline Hockey U14 Ranking Round 6
league table

Series C

Asiago Newts Montebelluna Carlo Valente

After his home defeat in the recovery match held last Tuesday, Asiago newt They also surrender against formation Montebelluna Which, thanks to Saturday’s 6-2 win, is one step away from the sporting certainty of first place in the group standings.

Inline hockey Serie A standings, Round 12
league table

Credit: Photo by Vanessa Zinobini

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