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Inline hockey: Team Befana brings a sock full of goals to Asiago Vipers

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the Asiago Fibers Overcoming, not without some difficulty, I Ghosts of Padova In the challenge held on Epiphany Day, which saw the hosts beat their opponents by 5 to 2 goals. Significant absences among the Vipers, as Simon Basso and Thomas Berthoud suffered from illnesses, as well as for Padoan who went to the field with only 10 players available.

A clear collapse of the goals for the junior teams in snakes Working on Wednesday January 5th, with under 12 This is “slamming” the door of the gods Devils Vicenza and childrenUnder 16 years old who imitate them againstIvy Triest.


Asiago starts well and controls the match without much problem, and after less than four minutes he finds the advantage with a good shot. Fabio Lefor. However, the focus begins to drop a little, and in the sixth minute, the ghosts create the correct composition to score the goal worthy of the momentary equalizer. In the central minutes, Powerplay comes on each side, and Vipers, after a risky “hitch” that nearly resulted in a great own goal, seize the opportunity to advance with a front-door touch. Stefano Stella After the end of numerical superiority. At the end of the period there is some excitement for both goalkeepers, who managed to contain the raids by sending teams to rest at 3 to 1 for the hosts.

In the second half, the teams start to show some ‘breakdown from the Christmas holidays’ and Padova gets a mistake, the move is developed with the extra action man, and the Snakes extend above the players from Padua thanks to an air shot by Matthew Rossetto. Soon, the captain, Marco Frigo, received a blow from the stick in the face, fortunately without serious consequences, but the error was not noticed by the judges. The ghosts catch their breath, and in the following minutes they touch the second goal several times, forcing coach Luca Rigoni to call the timeout to “clear his mind”. The opponents, however, return to rush forward and in the eighth minute find the second goal, which the hosts contested shortly before Stefano Stella, who was left on the ground in pain, and a clash on the banister against Marco. Freego. Asiago is not there, and in a few minutes he realizes victory with the couple Matthew Rossetto so Enrico Chilodi, who exchange services by giving themselves two goals of photography. In the final minutes, there were flashes of tension, a lot of fatigue, and Padova had no more strong play: he finishes 5-2 in favor of Asiago Vipers.

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Fourteenth day results

Ferrara Warriors 1 – HC Milan 4
Lepis Piacenza 2 – Monleale Sportleale 4
Citadella Hockey 0 – Evie Trieste 7
CUS Verona 3 – Devils Vicenza 5
Asiago Fibers 5 – Ghosts of Padua 2

Updated Italian league standings

Inline Hockey Serie A Standings Round 14

Check out the match against ghosts

under 12

Asiago Snakes Under 12 Vicenza Devils

the Vibrate Of the players under 12 years old who easily win the derby Devils Vicenza, with a score of 21 to 4 and with all players Recorded points.

Asiago Vipers under 12 Vicenza Devils stats

Under 12 ranked hockey per day 2
Order U/12 after the second day

Under 16 years old

Asiago Snakes Under 16 Ivy Trieste Paulo Pesavento

Rain of the goals also for snakes From the under-16 team who in the match againstIvy Triest He achieved an excellent result from 13 to 0 thanks to “Shut upFrom the young goalkeeper Isabelle Dejan.

Asiago Vipers under 16 stats Ivy Trieste

Inline Hockey U16 Standings Round 4
Order U/16 after the 4th day

Credit: Photo Vanessa Zinobini

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