December 10, 2023

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In the year 2023 Kroos baby

In the year 2023 Kroos baby

heresy – The first information that Lexus It will expand its range with a small crossover that was leaked at the end of last year, when the Japanese house expected some upcoming models (over here news). This is an absolute novelty for the luxury brand Toyota, which since its founding in 1989 has been dedicated to the production of high-end cars. Market trends and future market prospects have suggested the inclusion of a smaller and cheaper UX model, but always with high wheels: compact city cars with elevated trim are actually the type of car most demanded by motorists, even in Italy. A newcomer can be summoned LBX or more simply BXAnd the

Hybrids and (Maybe) up to 4×4 – On a mechanical level, the Lexus minivan – for which we, based on preliminary official information, have reconstructed the appearance in the drawing (above) – will rest on the same GA-B platform as Toyota Yaris Cross. This means that under the hood there will be a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with full hybrid technology and a combined heat and electric power of 116 horsepower. It has not yet been confirmed but it is very likely that the car that has been scheduled to arrive at Italian dealerships June 2023 Prices starting from approx 35000 EuroIt will also be equipped with all-wheel drive, without changes in terms of the engine but with the addition of an existing unit attached to the rear axle.

> The design that Lexus released in 2021 anticipates the style of the future compact crossover, which should be around 420 cm in length.

more elegant – Compared to the little sister of the Toyota brand that I miss, the new sister Lexus LBX You’ll be able to count on more luxurious finishes and more elegant details. It will also have a multimedia system with custom functions and graphics. As for aesthetics, as confirmed by above drawing Released by Lexus itself at the end of 2021, it is reasonable to expect a car with a modern and balanced appearance, with the addition of additional muscle that would emphasize, and make it more agile and elegant, the proportions of the Yaris Cross.

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