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In the Donbass is «general mobilization» –

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The news from Donbass, Joe Biden’s words, how Russia is moving: the latest news today February 19

“We are ready to impose heavy costs on Russia if it chooses another conflict”: I am there Joe Biden’s words at his press conference Yesterday evening on the crisis in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the situation between Kiev and Moscow is more tense than ever: in Donbass And in Lugansk – two separatist regions where pro-Russian rebels are active – there were numerous shooting violations, including several explosions, a sign of the warming of the situation. Today, Moscow plans a series of missile exercises: a show of strength that seems related to Putin’s negotiating strategy. Here is the news from yesterday, February 18th; Below are those found today.

8.45 a.m. – ‘State of emergency’ in Rostov for fleeing Ukrainian civilians

About thirty thousand people left the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic and another 10 thousand will leave in the next few hours. The Minister of Emergencies of the self-declared republic, Yevgeny Katsavalov, told TASS. Most civilians go to the Russian region of Rostov, not far, on the border with Ukraine: the governor of the region, Valery Golubev, declared a state of emergency from 10 locals (8 Italians).

8.30 – the leader of Lugansk, the second breakaway republic of Donbass, also called for “general mobilization”

The leader of the pro-Russian Lugansk Republic in Donbass, shortly after his counterpart in Donetsk, also announced a “general mobilization” on its territory. The leader, Leonid Pasnik, established it – TASS reported – with a decree sent via the Internet. The leaders of the separatist Donbass, the pro-Russian region of the country, declared that “the evacuation of civilians from the region is continuing,” citing the “attacks” at night. To date, six thousand, including 2,400 children, have been transferred to prepared accommodation in the Rostov region in southern Russia. This morning, the separatists from Donetsk denounced the dozens of shots fired since midnight on their lands, while the Luhansk leaders denounced the ceasefire violations. News that cannot be independently verified: the two sides regularly exchange accusations. – which, however, in recent days, withdrew part of its observers from the region – reported an increase in ceasefire violations in Donbass.

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07.15 – the leader of the Donetsk rebels announced in the Donbass “general mobilization”

self-proclaimed head Donetsk People’s RepublicDenis Pushlin announced general mobilization. “I appeal to my fellow citizens who are in custody to report to their military districts. Today I signed a decree for general mobilization”, says Pushlin via video message. Pro-Russian republics, Donetsk and Lugansk, announced the temporary evacuation of citizens to Russia, in the Rostov region, starting with women, children and the elderly. According to Pushlin, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will soon order the army to launch an offensive in the Donbass to invade the territory of the self-proclaimed breakaway republics.

04.55 – According to the United States, Moscow has deployed 150,000 troops in and around Ukraine

More than 40 percent of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine are now on the offensive, a US defense official said, and Moscow has launched a destabilization campaign. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the United States, which estimates that Russia has placed more than 150,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, has noticed significant movements since Wednesday. 40 to 50% are in an offensive position. The official told reporters that they had been carrying out tactical maneuvers for the past 48 hours.

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