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The Devils move to the track again on Saturday 30 October 2021 inside the walls of the house (race start at 6pm), after the mandatory rest day due to the postponement of the scheduled derby in Asiago due to the unavailability of the track, finding Verona on their way led by the coach Angelo ruvo. The team in which the former captain plays in red and white Luca ruvo It enjoys some new baits that have brought experience and stability to a group of young people. It will be a tough test and not without emotion, as well as probably one of the first real tests of the season for Vicentini.

Slovenian swords Simic and Zardin arrive at MC CONTROL VICENZA
This week the Devils appeared at the starting line with a few changes, and during the week they developed two significant market successes with the return of the Slovenes. general Simsic NS Simon zerdin, among the authors of the first title won by the Red and White, or the Italian Cup in March 2019, even if he is not yet sure that they will actually be able to make it to the track.

Here are the demons VICENZA: Ustignani speaks
But we hear from one of the champions of the season in Vicenza how the team is: “As for the dressing room, I am very happy – I announce Andrea Achieve One of the heroes of this season is red and white – the team is responding well, they train hard, they make up a great group. Young people are working and showing their ability to play.”
“Nathan Sigmund runs the lines to try to reinforce them – continues Ostiniani – and makes moves and tests the players with others and that’s a positive thing because it gives everyone the opportunity to rotate. So I am happy with the whole team, the new players have integrated well, I think it will be a great year and everyone’s goal is to win, to win anything, so the common goal is strength and I think we will do a lot well this year.”

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“Sport is respect, appreciation and friendship”
“Now we start to get the first dates more importantly – continues Ostiniani -, starting with Verona which, as we know, is led by our former coach Angelo Ruffo who will certainly want to sell his skin dearly, but on the other hand we are also so it will be a big challenge. ”
“It would certainly be great to meet some of our former teammates and not share the same bench, but hockey moments together, even if they were opponents – commented Andrea Ustiniani as a real athlete -. I have now played for almost all the teams in the tournament and it is always good to meet many of athletes as opponents.”

“Beware of Verona, this year is strong”
“It will be a very difficult match – explains the Vicenza player – because they express a better game, in my opinion, on a smaller court, and therefore we have to be very careful because Verona has done well this year and this year with baits. New players, who have a lot of experience can (See Disciplinary Expert Angelo Ruffo and former captain of white and red Luca), annoyance of all teams. So – concludes Ostiniani – good luck to Verona, but above all in encouragement to my teammates, even if what I usually say to be excited cannot be said.

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