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In Lario there is Expo Idèale children’s creative space

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Works created by children from all over the province of Como and anyone who wants to participate by drawing, tearing, cutting and pasting, invade the Paolo Borsellino Library and Natta Space. It is Expo Idéale, a creative space that starts from the artistic practice and philosophy of the famous painter and children’s author Hervé Tollet, the inspiration for the initiative that will run until May 13th. The workshops that will lead to the formation of collective work in the Progress Gallery are inspired by some of the French artist’s most famous creations, run by the Atelieristas Associazione Luminanda. Besides workshops for kindergartens and primary schools, the project includes two open meetings for families and children on April 29 from 2:30 to 4:30 pm and on May 6 from 10 to 12. “The idea of ​​the work-in-progress exhibition – explained by Anna Butarelli and Alice Fattorini, From Luminanda – born during the pandemic, to offer an opportunity to meet and create beauty and imagination. There are entire generations who no longer have the ability to focus on the book, and it is also for them that we want to invent verbs capable of being attractive. It is not just a fair for children, but for everyone, because it was born as a participatory idea. The project is based on collective and joint actions, such as a performance that will bring all the participants on May 13, in order to finish the exhibition, to Nata Road, invading the streets with brushes, heat and paper. But this is not the only initiative: in a month and a half, creative workshops are planned, designed and implemented in collaboration with the Master’s Course in Primary Education Sciences of the University of Bicocca and two fourth-year classes of Teresa Ciceri State High School in Como, targeting nursery and primary schools, every Wednesday and Thurs. Information on events and schedules on the website Paula Biobe

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