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A new space for guests of the Piccolo Rifugio di Ferentino

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New space for guests Small Shelter of Ferentino But also for the whole community. The argarium in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, dedicated to Lucia Schiavenatofounder of the Piccolo Rifugio di Ferentino in which the canonization process is taking place and who opened the doors of the First Temple on December 23, 1935.

According to the project, prepared and curated by the architect Paolo Cola present at the ceremony, the space of the original churchyard was recreated, delimited by two large enclosures and delimited by two stone sofas: a real outdoor living room. Holm oak trees have been planted in the flowerbeds, while more hedges frame the heart of the square, which can be used by Piccolo Rifugio’s guests and citizens, for leisure and relaxation.

Another work inaugurated by the mayor in a particularly vital year from the point of view of urban interventions and the redevelopment of many areas of the city, which is a testament to the great work and continued commitment that the Pompeo administration has always devoted to Frentino, making it a welcoming city, equipped with extensive green spaces, infrastructure and services for citizens.

A moment, today, which witnessed a great participation from the inhabitants of the region but also from many citizens: after the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, which was held by Don Giuseppe Vitelli, the attendees gathered in the churchyard to bless and appreciate him. The beauty and functionality of the new aggregate space.

“For me this was another promise fulfilled with the extraordinary men at Piccolo Rifugio – The mayor’s words were Pompeii – and a commitment to society that I feel satisfied to finally be able to honor him. A space that gains decor, with attention to detail and street furniture, which I hope will become a meeting point and a place for sharing where you can spend a few hours outdoors and in safety. I thank the project manager, architect Paolo Cola, the municipal offices that followed through on all stages of construction and the responsible company workers who gave life materially for this little dream that I am happy to be able to share with the entire city.”

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