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In Canada, Trudeau apologized to Italians who had been unjustly captured during the war

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Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau He apologized in parliament for imprisoning Italian Canadians during World War II. After Italy declared war on him in 1940, Canada captured more than 600 people of Italian descent and declared 31,000 “.Enemy aliens“These” foreign enemies “, whose fingerprints were taken, were forced to be checked and reported.

New conflict between Canada and China. Ottawa: “Genocide of Uyghurs”. Beijing: “They ignore the facts”

By Filippo Chandelli

Forgive us“Trudeau declared that he could not defend himself at a fair trial, without due process of law, and expressed his dissatisfaction with those who had been imprisoned as prisoners of war (” people who are no longer with us “). To hear these excuses “). To whom, innocent, precisely defined”The enemy is the stranger“And” to the children and grandchildren who brought the shame and pain of the last generation.

First Biden-Trudeau meeting: “US, Canada move together against Govt and climate change”

“It is right to stand up against the Italian regime that supported Nazi Germany – the Prime Minister added – but it is a mistake to sacrifice law-abiding Italian-Canadians.”

Slap to Trudeau (and Celine Dion): Canada has no place in the UN Security Council

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