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In Canada, presenter Lisa Laflamme was torpedoed for her gray hair

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She appeared in the video with gray hair, and the bosses of the TV network threw her out. Suspicions of gender discrimination and age-related discrimination (58) suddenly hover over Torpedo Lisa Laflamme Canadian TV by Ctv. The award was given this year to the same journalist who is one of the country’s most popular anchors Canadian Screen Award As the top national anchor, she revealed in a video on Twitter that in late June parent company Bell Media had decided to end her contract two years early after 35 years of service.

“They were shocked, still shocked and saddened by the decision,” the reporter said, adding that he had been asked to keep the news confidential for a while. “At 58, I thought I still had a lot of time to tell new stories that affect our daily lives,” explained the presenter, who has covered major events of his time, including elections, wars and natural disasters. Lisa Laflamme He then ended by greeting his audience as follows: “If on the one hand it is devastating to leave Ctv news in a way that I do not want, on the other hand you know it is my greatest honor to inform you. Life and thank you for always being there”.

The broadcaster’s top management maintains that pursuing a “different direction” is only a “business decision”, citing “changes in user habits”. The same day they announced the change LaFlamme: 39-year-old National Affairs Correspondent Umar Sasetina, his talent and versatility (a Muslim from an Indian immigrant family from Uganda) were not enough to quell the controversy. Viewers, media colleagues and cultural figures such as former singer Anne Murray have condemned the decision, and one asks the broadcaster’s chief executive.

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