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In Canada, in Quebec, nothing was placed until January 10 to protest the restrictions.

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Vatican City – In Quebec, Canada, this Christmas will be remembered for years to come, and no ban has been imposed on attending any Mass. The anti-epidemic measures imposed by the government have recommended to religious authorities to change all Christmas celebrations until January 10, using the Internet, radio and television. The tough decision was made reluctantly in the face of opposition to the duty to do the green pass at high levels of infection and celebrations. “Some churches will attend online confessions and celebrations, taking into account the government’s health measures.” Believers were invited to stay in touch with the churches via Facebook or by phone.

Canadian bishops have thus taken creative steps to ensure that people do not lose touch with the saint. The Quebec website recommends reading the Christmas story and excerpts from Luke’s Gospel in the living room. “You have three people to read and one to sing. Children can reflect the story. Pinterest fans will enjoy seeing the Advent and Christmas Ideas listed.

Since last week, the Quebec government has required people to have a health passport to attend church services – a requirement for the first time in epidemics. The move was badly received by many believers and priests. The bishop initially thought of planning outdoor services to avoid the need to check vaccination passports. But since it was not even possible outside, the drastic result came, and nothing was put forward until January 10th

“I know it’s very disappointing not to be in church this year for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, but I believe it is our duty to participate in a joint effort to prevent the further spread of the corona virus,” the cardinal said. Gerald Lacroix. The High Diocese of Quebec explains that this exceptional measure takes into account the “severity of the health condition” and that it is “in consultation with the leaders of the parishes” and the committee surrounding the Archbishop of Quebec.

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