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In Barbarasco, science and politics have been compared to the Lunigiana Green Community

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On Saturday 23 April, from 9 to 12, in Barco Vieira de Barbarasco, a conference will be held entitled “The Green Community of Lunijana through PNRR Resources”.

This event is sponsored by the Federation of Lunigiana Municipalities, the Municipality of Tresana and the Italian Agricultural Congress: the event will be broadcast live by Radio Elle.

“This is an important opportunity – confirms Luca Maria Simoncini – and as the CIA, we felt it was our duty to support this initiative. I thank the Mayor of Trisana and the President of the Union of Municipalities for organizing it.”

The working morning will be divided into two sessions: the first, of a scientific nature, will be moderated by David Baratre, Professor at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia who will introduce colleagues Giovanni Franceschini and Stefano Orlandini,

Stefano Orlandini, Full Professor of Hydraulic and Marine Engineering and Hydrology, will speak on “The Utopian Cycle of Water in Renewable Energies”; Giovanni Franceschini, Professor of Transformers, Machines and Electric Motors and Head of the College of Engineering, will speak about “sustainable electric mobility.”

Engineer Giovanni Zamore will conclude the session with his proposal for Lunigiana.

In the second session, which is of a political nature, in addition to the mayors of Lunigiana, the Honorable Cosimo Ferri and the Regional Councilor Giacomo Bogliani confirmed their presence.

“Unity of purpose is important – says Mayor of Trisana Matteo Mastroni – and the sharing of the path to be followed. We need one project, and that, in this project, all political forces make a contribution. If we really want to give our land a chance and work for sustainable development, This is a real opportunity.”

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We remind you that PNRR favors the birth and growth of 30 green communities, i.e. local communities that are coordinated and connected to each other and that wish to jointly implement sustainable development plans from an energy, environmental, economic and social point of view. This is the mission of the “Green Revolution and Environmental Transformation”. The “Circular Economy and Sustainable Agriculture” component of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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