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Improvements and changes analyzed by Digital Foundry –

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digital foundry Made a comprehensive analysis of the changes made infinite aura With the arrival of the second season pointing to several Fixes and improvements But also some technical issues that remain, as well as new methods introduced by 343 Industries.

Several critical elements discovered by the Digital Foundry in the first analysis of Halo Infinite, such as black level and animation in movie scenes, as well as other issues with the animation That turned out to be a lower framerate of the game. Some flashing lights and the general transition from scene to play have also been fixed.

new Display mode Introduced, along with other renamed modes: Basically, there are now 30, 60, and 120Hz modes on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 120fps has officially been brought back to Xbox Series S, but these include A significant reduction in resolution to be able to work, despite the implementation of VRS, the frame rate is uncertain in the single player when you are in open areas, while it is stable in multiplayer mode and indoors.

For the three modes on the Xbox Series X, according to Digital Foundry, the 30fps mode doesn’t make sense, because qualitative increases in the foreground of the definition don’t compensate for the drop in fluidity and create frame speed issues. 60Hz mode works, but to avoid frame speed on a file 120 Hz It is better to set the output of the console to 60 Hz, the best mode according to the test is 120 Hz.

Overall, VRR can still cause inconsistency issues below 110 fps, found in both PC and Xbox Series X | S, with frame speed Similar to those also appearing on Destiny, before more patches.

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