May 30, 2023

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Impact protection in the redevelopment of football stadiums in Trentino – Sport & Empiante

Kotura Sports Center in San Giovanni di Fassa.

The first is the football field of the Sports Center in the small village of Marco di Rovereto, which has been redeveloped in recent years by creating an athletics track.
The other intervention was made at the Cotura Sports Center in San Giovanni di Fassa, where AS Fassa Calcio play, where the artificial turf surface of the 11-sided stadium and the grandstands were renovated.
In both works, Codex Safety measures carried out with the installation EVA “Wave” Impact Protectorsequipped with high shock absorption capacity (tested according to UNI EN 913: 2019 App.C), resistant to weathering, high and low temperatures and UV rays.

A special curved wave section (in contrast to the classic flat / flat protection) allows, in fact, to distribute the impact, attenuating the force, both vertically and diagonally.

Protection is ensured to a height of 2.20 m, as required by the LND regulations, for the purpose of field homogeneity. When necessary, standard panels (from 100 x 200 cm) were easy In the form of the site Thanks to the maximum flexibility and adaptability to the support to be protected. The Codex synthesis team completed these two functions in just two days.

For the Rovereto field, blue panels were applied, while in San Giovanni di Fassa, blue, white and green were chosen.

(news from Codex SAR)

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