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“Immigrants? Let’s send them to Barbagia, there’s a lot of space “: a storm over the Mayor of Como

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Alessandro Rabinez

“The Mayor of Como should know that the desert is in his head, not in Barbagia,” attacks Ugo Cappellacci, former president of Sardinia, now deputy and regional coordinator of Forza Italia

MILAN – “Illegal immigrants? There are large deserted areas in Barbagia that can host them, while we wait for them to be repatriated.”

New Como Mayor Alessandro Rabinez has announced the recipe for dealing with the immigration emergency After being raped in the middle of the lakeside city, he jumped from the right and left chair. And he unleashed a heated debate on the Internet, in which not only Sardinian representatives commented.

“I thought of an uninhabited part of the country, and I am sorry that the Sardinians were offended, it would have been an exaggeration to explain that these people are causing disasters in densely populated areas,” justifies the first citizen, according to which immigration “must be controlled and managed” and on Parliament to “take note of them”.

He was unexpectedly elected last June on a civilian list, The 46-year-old real estate agent, is convinced that “the freedom of movement of undocumented persons should not be allowed, as in the case of the Pakistani who raped and injured a woman in a phone booth in Porta Torre” Como County Commenting on the crime and then proposing the vast mountainous region of central Sardinia as a place to host migrants before they are sent back to their country.

“The mayor of Como should know that the desert is in his head, not in Barbagia,” attacks Ugo Caplacci, former president of the Sardinian region and now deputy and regional coordinator of Forza Italia. Pier Luigi Bersani uses the same tone that “nonsense is now inflated with three numbers.” “The electoral climate – adds the Chairman of the Chamber’s Labor Committee Romina Mora (Labour) – clouds the clarity of the judgment of some figures in the search for an author. And the Mayor of Como should know that in Barbagia, when we were called to do so, we welcomed immigrants in the best possible way ” .

Sardinian deputy of the FdI Salvatore Diedda called Rabines to apologize not only in words, but also “by buying advertising space in his city and in Larian newspapers to advertise the next edition of ‘Autumn in Barbagia’”. His banter was unfortunate, on the subject of what his incompetence and indifference appears. unbearable,” adds Dede, together with Mayor of Belfi and Regional President of Federica Nuro, Maurizio Cadeau.

“Next time I will propose to take them to some mountaintop at an altitude of 3 thousand metres. Or to Capalbio, where they will be greeted with all honor – answer to the Rapinese controversy – here the facts are known, and unfortunately the news often recounts episodes of extreme violence. We all remember What happened with Don Roberto Malcesini, “who was killed by an immigrant who helped him in Como in 2020. My municipality can no longer afford it, we have spent 4.5 million to receive unaccompanied minors – and he continued -: they understood it in Rome.” Because “they are all good at talking about hospitality”, but the municipality of Como “will have to find more money to cover a phenomenon that Rome pretends did not happen”.

In the meantime, there are concerns about the potential effects of Rapinese’s outsourcing, which threatens to heighten tension in The first match of the second division championship, on Saturday in Como against Cagliari. Some Sardinians residing on the lake announced that they preferred to sit in the section of the stadium reserved for guests, to show their solidarity with the insulting “Barbagini”.

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