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Ilona Staller: The True Story of Cicciolina, Age, Occupation, Private Life, Kids, Ex-husband, Movie, Famous 2022 Island

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Ilona Staller, better known as Cicciolina, is a well-known former pornographic actress, former radio presenter and Italian politician. She is 70 years old and originally from Budapest but an Italian citizen since the 1970s. Tonight prepares to become one ofAnd the official competitors for the famous 2022 island The reality show you hosted Elari Blasey. But what do we know about her and her private life?

Ilona Staller, who is she?

She was born on November 26, 1951 in Budapest, Hungary. His real name is ELena Anna Staller. The father abandoned his family when Ilona was still a child. was the mother A midwife named Ilona It appears that he began a relationship with a Home Office official who became Staller’s stepfather. She spent her childhood quietly, and as a young woman she approached dancing, piano and violin. At the age of 13 he started work is heresylla seems to have started working as a waitress to support herself. It was around this time that she was approached to become a spy for the purpose of passing on information from prominent American businessmen. In the 1970s, she moved to Italy, where she married a Calabrian representative, becoming an Italian citizen.

Professional life

In 1976 he collaborated with him RICARDO CHECKSThat is, they did a sexual radio show together. It was in this circumstance that he took the name that we still know today, i.e. Cicciolina. It was in those years that she became one of the most famous actresses in porn cinema, and had great success becoming a true icon of the genre. He also got close to politics at some point and he is Become a Member of Parliament. TornandOr in a porn movieShe began her career as a pornographic actress in the exact year 1983 with a movie called Shell Desires. Then in the seventies she was already an actress of this type in cinema for the first time with the name Elena Mercury At first. Then in 1975 I came out Movie La LicealAnd the. She also appeared in other films such as L’ingenua in 1975, La alternente in 1975, Voglia di donna in 1978, and Cicciolina my love in 1979. Her last film was released in 1991 or Passione indecente.

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Private life

She got married in 1991 with Jeff Koons is a well-known sculptor. TheThe marriage ended after two and a half years. A long legal battle for child custody has broken out Ludwig Maximilian Koss, Born in 1992. Then the job was waived for Ivona, who was also sentenced to 8 months in prison Accused of kidnapping her son.

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