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“Ignore vodka”, US and Canada declare war on Russian alcohol

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By Remy Morandi

There The war on vodka Has begun. Then Russia’s invasion of UkraineA few liquor stores and bars in the area In the states United And inside Canada They decided to get off their shelves Russian vodka bottles. From Ohio to Texas, several states in the United States have issued executive orders restricting the production and sale of Russian distilleries.Let’s ignore vodka“. To report messages Fox News And The New York Times.


Sanctions on Russia So it’s not just about them Banks. In the United States, on Saturday, February 26, Ohio’s Republican Gov. Mike Devine ordered the state Department of Commerce to stop buying and selling all vodka produced by the Russian standard, which, according to the governor, is the only foreign distillery owned by Russia. In the state “6,400 bottles of Russian standard vodka for sale in 487 liquor companies in Ohio.”

Tweet from Ohio Governor Mike Divine to boycott Russian vodka


On Saturday evening, Governor of Utah Republican Spencer Cox issued a direct executive order to the Utah Department of Liquor to “immediately remove all Russian-made and Russian-branded products from its shelves.” “Russia’s descriptive attack on a sovereign nation – Cox’s comment – is a serious human rights violation. We will do our part to prevent the Russian invaders and stay with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Executive order signed by the Governor of Utah to boycott Russian products

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu also announced on Twitter that he had signed an executive order targeting the state’s wine and spirits outlets “to begin removing Russian products and Russian-branded spirits until further notice.” “New Hampshire – Governor’s opinion – is on the side of the Ukrainian people in the struggle for independence”.

Executive Order signed by the Governor of New Hampshire against Russian-branded products


Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott “asked the Texas Restaurant Association, the Texas Package Stories Association and all Texas retailers to voluntarily remove all Russian products from their shelves Saturday night.” “Texas – Governor’s opinion – Ukraine is on the side”.

Texas also declares war on Russian products

Ontario, Canada

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, announced last Friday that it would remove “all products made in Russia” from its 600 stores. “All Russian products will be removed from Ontario Liquor Control Board sales channels,” the department said. LCBO stands with Ukraine, its people and the Ukrainian Canadian community in Ontario. ” Steven del Duga, leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario, commented on Twitter: “Any way to dislodge Vladimir Putin during the illegal invasion of Ukraine should be considered. It’s time to take the Russian vodka off the shelves.

Ontario in Canada has also declared war on Russian vodka

How much Russian vodka is consumed in the United States: Data

According to the Distilled Spirits Council of America, they will be sold to the United States in 2020 76.9 million vodka cases Nine liters each, almost total $ 7 billion Revenue. However, the Distilled Spirits Council of America points out that the market share of Russian vodka sold in the United States is completely irrelevant, as one might imagine. Only 1% The amount of vodka imported to the United States is a Russian product. Is replaced in the first place France (With bottles of Gray Goose, Cherokee, Calendula and Montblanc), 39% of the total value of vodka imports. Follows Sweden (Absolut and DQ) with 18%, i Netherlands (17%), La Latvia (10%), La England (5%) and Poland (5%).

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