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If you fail, Air Lingus cancels all flights from Dublin – last hour

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(ANSA) – ROME, Sept 11 – Irish airline Aer Lingus has had to cancel all scheduled flights since yesterday noon from Dublin to Europe and the United Kingdom, and some flights from Europe, due to a computer failure. International media reported this, and also made several posts published on social media by thousands of passengers left on the ground, accompanied by pictures showing long queues at offices and protests. And in the evening, the company, apologizing for the inconvenience, announced that the error had been resolved and flights scheduled for today were expected to operate normally.

“Due to a serious incident with a network operator, the check-in and boarding systems and cloud-based websites are currently inaccessible. Unfortunately, this is causing an outage. Aer Lingus’ most important services. As a result, all of our scheduled flights from Dublin Airport to destinations in Europe and the UK as of 2pm (yesterday, editor),” adding that it was not known at this point how long the outage would last. Shortly thereafter, the airline announced that its scheduled after 2pm flights from Europe to Dublin were also canceled, with the exception of flights from Portugal and Spain.

It is expected to operate normally today and travelers who were unable to travel yesterday should be able to reach their destinations during the day. (Dealing).

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