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Ieg expands to Mexico, USA and Canada with new acquisitions • newsrimini.it

Ieg expands to Mexico, USA and Canada with new acquisitions • newsrimini.it

Italian Expiodon Group and Deutsche Messe di Hannover A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed recently Offers 50% acquisition by IEG of the companies of Deutsche Messe Mexico, Canada and the United States. Society Mexico has eight events, Two of them are very similar to products offered by IEG: Mexico Active Sports (Lyon, 2-3 December 2022) Edition for the fitness sector Ecomando Mexico For green technologies – already in partnership with IEG.
Deutsche Messe (pre-Covid turnover 355 million) and the Italian Exhibition Group (179 million euros), have already signed the first commercial agreement to organize a series of events in Mexico in March 2021.

Six remaining Mexican exhibitions in the portfolio at Deutsche Messe MEM Industries 2023 in the field of technologies, processes and accessories for the furniture industry, scheduled for March 7 to 9 in Mexico City. Agrotech Mexico And The global seafood industry 2023 in Guadalajara takes place simultaneously from April 26 to 28 and focuses on technological innovation in the agriculture and aquaculture sectors, respectively. Solar Power Mexico A leader in the field of solar energy and scheduled for July 12 to 14 in Leon (simultaneous with Ecomondo Mexico). Adult Mayor GTO Festival (4 to 6 August 2022 in Lyon) focused on the well-being of the over 50s. Finally, again in Lyon, from 5 to 7 October 2022, Industrial Change Mexico Dedicated to Industry 4.0.

In Canada, in Toronto, Deutsche Messe oversees the renewable energy sector instead ETC Electricity Conversion Canada (26 to 28 October scheduled for 2022).

While in America it led Hannover Messe USA(Chicago from 12 to 17 September 2022) The American version of the giant HANNOVER MESSE based on industrial change.

We are very pleased to intensify our collaboration with IEG, an experienced and growth-oriented partner that manages a portfolio of trade shows that fully complements Deutsche Messe AG’s events in the US.“, he declares Jochen KoeglerAG is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Deutsche Messe.Based on our early highly effective and positive collaborative experiences in Mexico, we are now taking the next logical step to further scale our success story.“.

With a new and wider deal Adds Corrado PeraboniCEO of IEG – Deutsche Messe and IEG will add new elements of substantial sharing, unlock sustainable and comprehensive cooperation that brings together companies and expertise, increase the value of activities carried out in the countries covered by the joint venture, and are strategic in the global economy. Chess board. The complete complementarity of the two companies’ portfolios is the ideal prerequisite for the deal to become a win-win. IEG, in particular, is adding an exhibition arm to its business in the US.“.

This action, subject to the positive outcome of the due diligence to be launched, will take place through the establishment of an equivalent company under Italian law, which will have its headquarters in Rimini and will control the foreign companies.


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